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          The Kachin or they call themselves is “Kim-Phor” migrate to Thailand from the Shan state in Burma, some groups migrated from Yunnan the People's Republic of China together with the Lisu and Lahu. They live together with that tribe that immigrated from the same time around 50 - 60 year ago. They immigrated only they group in 1974 at DoiLand, Mae-eye District, ChiangMai province and move to live in DoiVawee, Maesuay district, ChiangRai province, then migrate come to live at Pangmayao, Maimokjam, Mae-eye district, ChiangMai province before move come to stay at Baan NongKeaw when 25 ago. Kachin is closeness with Shan, Lisu, Lahu and Akha people because of are the same species language as Tibet – Burma



Information from: Baan Mai patthana “Kachin” Moo 12 Thambon Muangna, Chiangdao district, Chiangmai

Inmormant: 1. Boonchoo TuaMo 2. Kaew (Ka-Kom) 3. Pan- Pan (The villager leader) and 4. Mrs. Anun Chimrang.

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